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Just started trying . [Apr. 25th, 2006|09:08 pm]
Planning Parenthood


Me and my fiancee started trying almost two weeks ago. When I say try I mean went protection free. Now when we did that the first time i checked the calendar and said it was just good practice because my period was due the next day.
I never got my period and its now eight days later. Eight days five negative home tests and one failed urinalysis at the Doctor this afternoon. She sent me for blood work - which I told my fiancee just seemed to me to be a form of emotional torture you can only hear you are not pregnant so many times. My doctor said if that comes back negative I have to wait a whole month and then she will send me for an Ultrasound and if that shows nothing then she will put me on something to regulate my cycle.(my biggest fear is that it is tubal and she is going to miss it- if I wait a month won;t that be kind of dangerous??) This is the thing my cycle is always like clock work. I had gone on HBC in September but my body cannot tolerate HBC so I was off it completely by Januaray. Got my period twice in one month after I went off it and went right back to my average 28 day no problem cycle. I could literally mark my period on the counter and count twenty eight days from there and now all of a sudden this?
Its funny you never know just how badly you want something until all of a sudden out of nowhere it seems like you can;t have it. I cried all the way to the hospital to get the blood work done and somehow calmed myself down enough before going inside.
I don't know what the pains I am having are. I don't know why I am so tired. No period no postive tests.
Does anyone have any advice.

[User Picture]From: alabasterwitch
2007-02-20 06:54 pm (UTC)
I've been there. The whole 9 yards. Don't worry about a tubal pregnancy. If that were the case you WOULD show up positive on a pregnancy test. It does matter where implantation happens. When it does HCG is still emitted. I don't know why your doctor is putting you through this either, in my opinion she is making it worse. The best things she could do it tell you this was a no go and to relax, not make you think there is something there when there isn't.

I have periods that are quite regular for the most part which is why on the few occasions I haven't, I've completely freaked out. But the truth is, its just psyching yourself out. Every time I've stressed over it I've been incredibly late with one negative test after another and not until calming down a little have I finally gotten it.

First off getting pregnant from sex that late in your cycle would be pretty much impossible. There would not even be time for a decent luteal phase. And without a good long luteal phase you cannot have conception. The negative pregnant tests confirm this. You are not pregnant. You are however upset and stressing yourself out which is the number one cause of irregularity in women, even those with regular cycles.

I would think about getting another doctor. All those tests are unnecessary and are just worrying you more (which I believe is the whole issue). Try to calm down and relax. Bet you anything, once you do in a few days you'll get that period.

Read up on how the menstrual cycle works. Learn out about cervical mucus, temperatures and cervical position. Once you get to know your body and how it works you will worry less. And its very helpful in knowing when is the right time to make a baby.
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