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Weight Loss Update [Mar. 21st, 2006|06:39 pm]
Planning Parenthood


Hello Everyone, so I officialy started my diet on thursday and have already lost 8 pounds and two inches ! I did the six week body makeover diet for two days and grew very sick of it, so I decided to go low carb. That way I could still enjoy a lot of the foods I like ! And it has actually worked for me. I have Breakfast then two hours later a mid morning snack, and then two hours after that I have lunch, and then two hours after that I have my afternoon snack, and then two hours after that I have dinner and I am done for the night. I am also drinking lots of water ! The first two days was really tough I was going through major carb and sugar withdrawls, but now I feel great, and today I started doing a yoga DVD so hopefully that will help also. As I said in my previous post the reason for me losing weight and adapting a healthier lifestyle is because within the next year or two my fiance and I would like to try to start a family, latley I have been having these very strong motherly desires and I think knowing that I cant concieve at this point just makes it worse. So last night after my boyfriend and I got done painting our living room, we were sitting on the couch and he asked how much weight I had lost and I said 8 pounds and he said I am so proud of you thats wonderful and gave me a kiss... I said yep, and he replied how does this sound for every 10 pounds you lose we will pick out somthing baby related (i.e. clothes, toys, bottles, whatever) and this way we can store it away and when you do get pregnant we will already have collection of the stuff we need. That just melted my heart because I have been working so hard to achieve my dream and he sees that ! So I guess for every 10 pounds I lose I get to pick somthing out for our future son or daughter, very exciting !